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Which are the most trending women’s hairstyles of 2022?

beauty lounge in dubai

2022 has given birth to some tantalisingly beautiful hair trends. Starting its journey from the remnants of the low maintenance no-fuss styles that ruled 2021, the global hairstyle scene has stepped into the plains of increasingly textured looks. Everything from unkempt, texture-filled locks to the blunt bangs or the face-framing layers are less time-intensive but keep you in vogue. Bubblegum beauty lounge consulted expert stylists from the best beauty lounges in Dubai to curate some of the vibing hairstyle trends of 2022. Celebrate yourselves with the ideal cut that complements your features.

The Bixie

Bixie happened when pixie style had a date with the iconic bob style. Lending a bit of texture and multi-dimensionality to the good old shaggy bob gives you the 2022 trending Bixie. Have this done in Bubblegum, which is one of the most loved beauty lounge in dubai.

Dressed-Up Ponytails

The obvious and elementary can be embellished into the remarkable and evolved, and that is just what this style is all about.  offering a sprinkle of styling modes to enhance your repertoire should you choose to try it.

Wispy Bangs

Get a sassy version of yourself with this style that flatters your facial features. Check in to Bubblegum to treat yourselves to these funky haircuts.

Modern Shag

Look sharp and have your style pronounced by this premium and popular hairstyle. Get this perfectly crafted at Bubblegum, one of the most innovative beauty salon in Dubai.

Bubblegum Beauty lounge is the leading hair salon in Dubai with an abundance of specialized knowledge staff and many years of experience. We offer you the best hair, nail styling and eyelash extension in Dubai. We are a friendly and passionate team of beauty stylists who take the time to make our customers satisfied.


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