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eyelash extensions dubai

Want to know how eyelash extensions appear before and after?

eyelash extensions dubai

We feel so special to walk out with big, flashy lashes. So aren’t you little curious about eyelash extensions, especially now that this beauty trend has extended beyond your favourite celebrities to the new office colleague.

If you wish to have longer and luscious lashes, that is what our team is trained for..At Bubblegum, we specialize in individual lash extensions and we are here to help… We take special care when applying lash extensions since we know that if individual eyelash extensions are not adequately adhered to your natural lashes the lashes will fall out faster

Eyelash extensions are lightweight synthetic, silk, or mink lashes that are bonded directly to natural lashes. A trained lash artist applies the extensions using a semi-permanent adhesive. A professional lash artist applies hand-applied, one-by-one lash extensions using a specially developed lash adhesive. Lash extensions are semi-permanent fibres, including faux, synthetic, mink, or silk fibres. Normally, they are put to the lash line rather than the bottom lashes. The majority of the upper lash line is where the extensions are applied, and they can either be put individually or in “clusters,” “fans,” or both.

Lash extensions adds volume to your natural eyelashes and makes your looks deeper and more impactful. Those lifted lashes which are done with intricate precision, helps you to considerably reduce the use of mascara. This helps your skin and enhances your natural beauty. Considering the safety factor, lashes are waterproof and it’s a proven fact that they do not damage your natural lashes.

There are several types of lashes, ranging from vegan to synthetic. At Bubblegum, the best beauty salon in Dubai, you will have choices ranging from 6 to 17mm sizes and thicknesses ranging from 0.05 to 0.25mm. These superiorly designed lashes will last in pristine condition up to 6 to 9 weeks.

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Bubblegum Beauty lounge is the best beauty salon in Dubai with an abundance of specialized knowledge staff and many years of experience. We offer you the best hair, nail styling and eyelash extension in Dubai. We are a friendly and passionate team of beauty stylists who take the time to make our customers satisfied.

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