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Eyelash Extension in Dubai

Top rules to follow after getting Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension in Dubai

Eyelash Extension is the trendiest fashion update that most of us have tried at least once. Whether you have short eyelashes or you would like to add volume, an eyelash extension is an added bonus to ace up and draw attention to your beautiful eyes.
Eyelash Extensions in Dubai is the most asked grooming service in most of the beauty salons.
An Eyelash extension is usually synthetic or natural fiber that are manually attached to the natural eyelashes one by one with a medical adhesive to give a fuller and voluminous look. 
Although it is a lengthy procedure, it can last up to 8 weeks if taken care of well.
Here are few impactful tips to manage them better.

1) Cleanse your lashes daily with a lash cleanser as it will help in removing any unwanted dirt, oil, makeup, dead skin and bacteria.
If you do not wash your eyelashes, that is when there are high chances of it falling off one by one.

2) Avoid cosmetics that contains oils as most of the cosmetics nowadays come with oils such as sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, almond oil and sesame oil infused.
Oils affects the bond between the adhesive and the natural lash. Hence, in such cases, there are more chances of adhesive weakening resulting in the extension to shed off overtime.

3) Brush your lashes daily with a spoolie bush or a mascara brush on a daily basis. Doing so will help in preventing the extensions to tangle or clump as well as will help in improving the overall look of the eyelashes.

4) Avoid water for the first 5 hours after the procedure due to the nature of the adhesive used to attach the eyelash extension. It takes approximately 4 hours for it to be settled completely.

5) Avoid sleeping on your stomach as it will create friction between the extensions and the pillow creating more chances of damage to the extensions.

6) No waterproof makeup as it is hard to remove and will increase the chances of eyelash extensions clumping and dirt settlement.

7) Do not touch or pick at them as it may feel weird in the beginning but after a couple of days, you shall feel comfortable as if it were your natural ones.

8) Avoid using eyelash curlers as they can damage the extensions or pull them out.

After effects of eyelash extensions if not managed appropriately.

1) Your natural lashes will be under risk as poor hygiene habits with the extension can lead to excess oil accumulation on the lash line leading to infections, itchiness, redness and even lash loss.

2) An eyelash mite infestation may occur if your extension’s hygiene gets neglected.

3) If you do not follow the minimum requirements for maintaining the proper hygiene of your extensions, it will result in you visiting the salon frequently which would further lead in unnecessary spendings.

Follow the simple detailed steps to wash your eyelash extensions for better retention and value for money.

Requirements – 1) Lash Bath Substance
                          2) Cleansing Brush
                          3) Mascara Wand
                          4) Mini Fan

Step 1 – Wet the cleansing brush and tap it on a towel to remove the excess water.
Step 2 – Pump a small quantity of the lash bath substance on one eye at a time and apply it on your lashes with the cleansing brush and work your way down and corner to corner gently while removing the dirt.

Step 3 – Wash the cleansing brush and again tap it on a towel.
Step 4 – Use the same brush to rinse of the substance.
Step 5 –Dab the towel one above and one below the eyelash to remove excess water.
Step 6 – Follow the same process on the other eye as well.
Step 7 – Once both eyes are rinsed thoroughly, use the mini fan to dry the eyes gently.
Step 8 – Time for the Mascara wand to be brushed downwards and upwards.
Step 9 – Last but not least, you could also run the fan once they are brushed well.

To make them last long keep the lashes dry as possible and avoid swimming, humidity or sweating as much as possible.
Avoid using oil-based blotting paper and oil-fighting cleansers and moisturizers.
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