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Hair Colouring

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hair Colour for Your Skin Tone and Age

Hair Colouring

Hair colour or hair dyeing was only done to cover grey hair earlier. However, it has taken a great turn through evolution. Today, hair colouring is done to look fashionably appealing.
It’s mostly done professionally at a Beauty salon.
Hair colouring is widely popular in Dubai as 80% of women and 20% of men are reported opting to colour their hair.
A good haircut and a perfect hair colour would transform your overall look tremendously.
Hair colour was initially used to cover the entire hair. However, the modern trend is to produce streaks or gradations with a mix of different colours.

The types of Hair Colouring Methods are as follows :

  • Highlighting – Colouring few strands of hair with a colour lighter or different.
  • Lowlighting – Colouring few strands of hair with darker shade of colour
  • Splashlighting – Making a separate band of hair creating a light effect through the middle.

Classifications of Hair colour :
*Permanent Hair Colour Treatment – It contains ammonia and has to be mixed with an oxidising agent inorder to get the desired permanent hair colour.

*Demi–permanent Hair Colour Treatment – It generally contains an alkaline agent other than ammonia. They are mostly effective in covering grey hair as it has less lightening effect on hair.

*Semi- permanent Hair Colour Treatment – They cannot lighten the hair because it involves no developer or ammonia.
Hence, it is less damaging to hair strands.

*Temporary Hair Colour Treatment – It is available in various forms like shampoos, gels, sprays and foams and are usually brighter and and vibrant used for special occasions.

The trick to choosing the right hair colour :
1. Start with your skin tone
2. Plan your cut before the hair colouring process
3. Analyze your personality to best suit the hair colour

Choosing the right hair colour according to your skin tone
Your skin tone plays a very important factor when it comes to choosing the right hair colour as certain hair colours may not complement your overall appearance making you look dull.
Nowadays hair colouring is also done at the comfort of your home, but in case not done appropriately it may result in great damage such as skin allergies, nausea and premature ageing.

How to identify your skin tone
Skin tone plays an important role while choosing the perfect hair colour and not the shade of your skin.
A skin’s undertone could be warm, cool or neutral. The veins on your body will help you determine your skin’s undertone.
If the veins are blue or purple you’ve got a cool undertone.
If they are green, it is considered to be warm and if they are a mix of both blue, purple and green then you have a neutral undertone

Best colour for skin tones
* The best colour that would suit people with a neutral skin tone will be blonde or dark brown which never goes out of fashion and is popularly trending.
Caramel brown and Brunette Balayage are the hair colours that are currently in demand.

*Finding the best hair colour for pale skin all depends on identifying your undertones. If your skin has cool undertones, you’ll want to stick with ashy blonde, brown, and fantasy hues. If your complexion is on the warmer side, deeper hues such as honey blonde, copper, and caramel will go perfectly with your skin.

*Dark shades go absolutely well with dusky skin tones.
Go for shades like Espresso, Auburn or Chestnut brown which are other options available that would give you a stunning look.

Pre and Post Hair Care Tips for Hair Colour Treatment:
Before you invest your money into hair colouring, you should also be well versed with the pre and post-care tips to maintain them for a healthy-looking hair.
Pre Haircare Tips

1) Before any hair treatment you need to make sure that your hair is healthy.
2) You should take a hot oil massage treatment so that it will prepare each strand of your to absorb the colour easily.
3) If allergic to any particular ingredient, then you should definitely discuss it with your hairdresser.
4) Talk to professionals as their advice on hair colour will be more fruitful and efficient.

Post Haircare Tips

1) Use a deep hair conditioner weekly as it will keep the hair colour fresh and radiant.
2) Always wash your hair with cold water as hot water would fade the colour sooner.
3) Buy shampoos that are UV Protective
4) Avoid washing hair for 48 hours as the colour takes time to settle into the hair roots.

Moreover, it’s always good to research before prepping up for any kind of hair care treatment. Research done productively never goes worthless!

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