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Post-Smoothening Hair Care Tips

Post-Smoothening Hair Care Tips

Post-Smoothening Hair Care Tips
Post-Smoothening Hair Care Tips

Are you irritated with your unmanageable and frizzy hair?
Are you tired of waking up to the time-consuming process of straightening your hair?  
Say NO to these daily struggles!
Who wouldn’t want their hair to be super silky and beautiful?
Well, this is where Hair smoothening comes into the picture. Hair smoothening is always in trend due to its natural-looking appearance. It is considered to be better than permanent hair straightening as it gives proper nourishment and shine to your hair.       
It is a widely popular hair treatment done in the majority of the Haircare salons in Dubai.
Hair smoothening is a specialized chemical treatment to ease those unmanageable and frizzy strands. It is done at the Haircare salon by a professional who uses a solution to drench the hair strands with moisture. These strands are then blow-dried and straightened with a flat iron.
Hair smoothening is a quick solution for those looking for natural-looking straight hair.

Benefits of Hair Smoothening
Smoothening of hair is said to be less harmful than permanent straightening. However, overdoing it or not taking proper post-hair smoothening care can make your hair frizzier.

1) It suits all hair textures.
2) It strengthens dull-looking hair
3) It gives a natural look
4) Reduces hair breakage and loss of hair.
5) You can go back to the previous hair texture in case you don’t like it any longer.

Post Hair Care Tips After Smoothening
Managing hair after the smoothening procedure is an important task that has to be followed religiously as if it is not done appropriately, it can lead to frizzier and unhealthy-looking hair.

1)Always use a sulfate-free shampoo to rinse hair as chemical-infused shampoos such as the ones with sulfates could negatively damage your hair.
2) Do not tie your hair in ponytails or braid it as it will rupture the texture that has been created.
3) Avoid colouring hair for the next six months as it could damage the strands making it rough.
4) Ensure that your hair remains straight while you sleep.
5) Always use a wide-toothed comb.
6) Do not wash your hair for a week
7) Avoid using any styling tools
8) Get your hair trimmed once in two months for proper hair growth.
9) Do not oil massage your hair for another 20 days
10) First wash should be after 48 hours of hair smoothening.

Answering the commonly asked questions on Hair Smoothening.
Is smoothening safe for hair? –
Yes, it is safe as it nourishes your hair leaving it naturally silky, straight and shiny.
How to reduce hair fall after smoothening?
To reduce hair fall after the smoothening procedure, you should always be using toxin-free shampoo.
Washing hair with tap water that is cold is ideal for proper hair care after smoothening.
Apply leave-in conditioner, serums, and collagen specially formulated for chemically treated hair.
What is the difference between hair straightening and smoothening?

  • Hair straightening usually refers to the application of multiple layers of chemicals to change the internal texture of hair and then flatten it with a hot iron.
    It is also permanent and you cannot opt for your previous hair texture once the straightening is done.
    Hair smoothening on the other hand does not use much of chemicals but it adds keratin to smoothen the cuticle leaving it naturally straight looking, soft and smooth .
    The procedure lasts for a maximum of five months depending upon the hair texture that you have.
    The best part about hair smoothening is that you could always go back to the original texture in case you get bored.

    Pros and Cons of Hair Smoothening – Is it worth the time that you spend at the Parlour?

    Before you go to a professional to get the treatment done, a quick information on Hair Smoothening is always good.

  • Reduces frizziness
  • Gives life to dull hair
  • Gives a natural look
  • Does not damage the actual hair texture
  • Mild Chemical Procedure

  • It is not suitable for extremely curly hair
  • It does not give you perfectly straight hair.
  • It is temporary as you can always go back to your normal hair texture.
  • It can lead to dryness, dandruff and hair fall if not looked after post the treatment.

Quick Wrap Up it is !
Hair smoothening treatments are a huge hit in today’s world as no one likes to struggle every single day to set them locks up which takes a lot of time.
Considering the benefits that it has to offer, a few of the negative points can be overlooked , provided that the smoothening procedure is done by a professional under proper conditions.
Additionally, regular maintenance of your hair after the treatment is always an add on.

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