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Is Hair Waxing Painful?

Hair Waxing Salon in Dubai

As we begin with the concept behind waxing, let’s first understand what waxing is.
Waxing is the removal of the entire shaft of hair from below the skin’s surface due to which it is considered to be the most effective method of hair removal.
All beauty salons in Dubai provide comprehensive waxing services and are known to be the best waxing salons available with the latest and innovative technologies.
Hair removal treatment or waxing in Dubai comes in various types which are explained below:

– Soft Waxing
It is also known as strip waxing which uses a band of strip to remove the unwanted hair from the legs or hands as required.
A thin layer of wax is applied to the part where the unwanted hair has to be extracted in the direction of the hair growth and pulled out using the strip.

– Lycon Waxing
Also known as hard waxing or strip less waxing which is preferred by many as it is painless. It is a form of hard waxing treatment that effectively removes unwanted hair effortlessly without causing any kind of discomfort.

– Halawa Waxing
Also called as sugaring and is a popular waxing method in the Middle Eastern countries. Natural ingredients such as sugar, lemon juice and water are used in this type of waxing procedure.

– Cold Waxing
Also known as another form of soft waxing technique that is considered to be ineffective and painful as it involves the process of spreading the wax as it is directly to the skin and removing the unwanted hair using a strip.

Now that we have a brief information on the types of waxing methods, let’s answer the commonly asked questions: 

Is hair waxing painful?
Well, hair removal or waxing is painful.
It is the strong pulling of hair from its root just like the way you pull an adhesive off your skin where it is hairy. Hence, it will be painful but the pain is bearable.

Does waxing have painful side effects?
Yes, waxing comes along with side effects depending on the skin type. Some may experience smooth post-waxed skin whereas some are affected with skin issues such as tenderness, swelling, rashes, ingrown hair and small red bumps on the skin.

Which part of the body is the most painful to wax?
The most painful part to be waxed is going to be the pubic area due to the increased nervous structure. Hair around the genitals is comparatively thicker than the other parts of the body due to which there is a strong pressure needed for hair removal resulting in a painful session.

What to avoid before a hair removal or waxing session?
* Do not shave because the longer the hair, the easier it is to wax.
* Do not be on your period as your skin tends to get sensitive during that time and sensitive skin will not be ideal for waxing which would later on result in skin allergies such as redness and tenderness.
* Do not drink alcohol before your waxing session as alcohol thins the blood vessels in your body making it sensitive.

What to avoid after a hair removal or waxing session?
* Avoid sun exposure as your skin gets extra sensitive and exposure to sunlight will result in burns and irritations.
* Do not exfoliate after waxing because the skin becomes sensitive after waxing and exfoliating it will only cause further irritations.
* Do not moisturize immediately after waxing, let the skin take time to get back to its normal form as the skin becomes sensitive after the waxing procedure.

How to make waxing less painful?
* Visit a good professional waxing salon that is quite reputable and has a good review.
* Ensure that the hair is long as it makes the procedure seamless and less painful.
* Do not exfoliate as it can make the skin sensitive and more prone to irritations.

What are the post-aftercare tips?

* Avoid sun exposure
* Avoid tight clothing
* No to hot showers
* Do not exfoliate
* Skip the gym

Last but not the least, leave the skin as it is before you visit the Salon for a better and less painful session.
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