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How to prevent Hair Fall?

How to prevent Hair Fall?

How to prevent Hair Fall?

Concerned about your excessive hair loss? One of the main causes of losing confidence can be hair loss! Your hair strand has a lifespan of between three and five years. dependable source. A cycle of active growth, transition, and rest occurs in hair follicles. When the cycle of hair growth is disturbed, hair loss results. The most frequent genetic factor in hair loss is aging, which makes it more prevalent in both men and women. Telogen effluvium is the second most frequent reason for this.

To stop hair loss, it’s crucial to take good care of your scalp and hair. Here are some things you can do at home once a month or once a week to strengthen and revitalize your hair.


It’s time for a water filter.

If you shower, think about adding a water filter. By doing this, you can get rid of the bacteria, heavy metals, and chlorine that damage and break hair.

Regular washing and conditioning are vital.

Hair that is thinning or losing strength is delicate and prone to damage. Here is what dermatologists advise their patients who are experiencing hair loss to do. Utilize a mild shampoo. Some shampoos can dry out your hair by removing moisture.

No more home treatments.

Stop colouring and other hair treatments at home. Find a salon like Bubblegum, that offers premium beauty service in Dubai, and has experts who are trained to examine your scalp and hair to determine which product is best for you. Make sure the treatment is followed up with a moisturizing conditioner.

Use moisturizers and detanglers

After every wash, use a moisturizing conditioner. Your strands are coated by conditioner, which lessens breakage and split ends. Use a detangler or leave-in conditioner. Applying this after washing and conditioning your hair on a regular basis can help to lessen breakage, split ends, and frizz.

Do regular oil treatments

Natural oils rich in acids and vitamins, like those found in argan, coconut, macadamia, and almond, can help make dry, frizzy, unruly hair softer, shinier, and easier to manage. Additionally, it expedites hair growth and lessens breakage. Any natural oil should be warmed up to a comfortable temperature.

Eat foods high in protein.

Eating fish, soy, and other proteins that are lean may help stop hair loss. A lot of protein-rich foods also contain vitamin B-12, which is excellent for hair.

Reduce ponytails and buns

Stop wearing your hair in cornrows, buns, ponytails, pigtails, or other tightly pulled-back styles. Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss that can be brought on by frequently wearing a hairstyle that

pulls on your hair. Anything that tugs on your hair over time may result in permanent hair loss. For getting hair-friendly hairstyles, visit Bubblegum where we offer the best hair care treatment in Dubai.

Don’t pull your hair

Try to stop pulling or twisting your hair around your finger if you have a habit of doing so. These practices can exacerbate already fragile hair’s fragility and increase hair loss.

Is your hair lacking nutrients?

Check to see if you are getting enough of specific vitamins and minerals before taking a supplement to grow your hair. You can find out if you’re not getting enough of a certain nutrient by having a blood test.

Live a Life Free of Stress

Even though it may be easier said than done, you must know that it is possible. Stress can have a significant impact on hair loss and has been linked to early graying. So, what steps can we take to live stress-free? The secret is to indulge in activities that allow you to unwind and relax.

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