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Eyelash Extension in Dubai

How to make your lashes last longer?

Eyelash Extension in Dubai

Having amazing eyelashes, from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep is a dream for many women out there. However, this could be achieved by following simple procedures that shall make your lashes last longer.
Eyelash extension in Dubai is one of the most in-demand services that every woman looks out for.
We at Bubblegum Beauty Lounge are considered to be the Best Salons for eyelash extensions in Dubai due to our quick service and we also provide our beloved clients with aftercare tips on managing their lashes to make them last longer.

So without any further ado, let’s start off with the aftercare tips for those beautiful long-lasting lashes.

– The most important tip of all is to avoid the use of water or steam for 48 hours after the procedure of eyelash extension as it is exactly at this time that the glue is still in the process of bonding with the natural lashes and contact with steam or water can damage the bond causing the extensions to fall off quicker.

– Avoid the use of oily products as they can be a huge spoiler in weakening the bond between the natural lashes and the glue used during eyelash extensions.

– Cleaning your lashes religiously in the right way with the right products is of utmost importance in case you want it to last longer.

To understand the right procedure for washing your lashes
check out the link: Top rules to follow after getting Eyelash

– Next up is to use a lash-friendly eyeliner that contains absolutely no oil content in it.

– Finally, use the right mascara which is lash-friendly and shall not break the bond between your natural lashes and the extension glue.

Now that we have shared the tips for beautiful long-lasting lashes, let’s answer the common questions asked by our clients.

1) Why don’t my extensions last longer?

– Using oil-based cleansers or water too soon after the application of the eyelash extensions can be the major reason behind your lashes not staying longer as such products weaken the bond of the extension glue and your natural lashes.

2) Could you give a quick information on the cleaning procedure of eyelash extensions?

– Use specially formulated eyelash-friendly oil-free and alcohol-free cleansers.

– Use a lash-friendly brush to clean the lash line

– Gently rinse off the cleanser and makeup product if any with fresh water.

3) Will washing lash extensions make them last longer?

– Definitely Yes! Cleaning your lashes with the right oil-free products will help keep the early erosion at bay caused due to makeup and other unwanted oils.

4) How do I prepare myself before my appointment for eyelash extensions?

– Your eye area should be clean without any traces of eye makeup or dirt.
Keep away from Mascara and eyeliner or any other heavy product on your eye a week before the lash extensions procedure.
Moreover, never wear contact lenses while you go for the appointment.

5) What is the difference between a lash lift and lash extensions?

– A lash lift is basically a cosmetic procedure of curling your existing eyelashes, giving the appearance of longer and fuller lashes whereas lash extensions are semi-permanent fibres that are attached to the natural lashes.

6) What is lash infilling?

– Infills are re-application of lashes in areas that have experienced lash fall-out. They are done so that the gaps get filled. Thus, giving you a fuller look.

7) Tips to look after lash extensions?

– Do not pick at them as it will weaken their bonding with the natural lashes resulting in gap formation.

– Gently brush your eyelashes every morning and night to maintain its hygiene which will promote its longevity.

– Sleep on your back soon after the day of application as your eyelashes are more prone to bending if you sleep on your chest.

– Avoid steam rooms and saunas for the first 48 hours after the procedure as such places will make you sweat which may affect the sticking capacity of the glue that is used to attach the fake lashes.
8) Does the process of lash extensions hurt?

– In case the lashes are too long and dense, it can cause pain and discomfort as they tend to pull your natural lashes during the application. It can also cause a tingling effect to your eye which diminishes soon.

9) Can they be removed in case I don’t like it anymore?

– Yes, they can be removed only at the salon with our professionals who will use a specially formulated remover.
The removal process will take 15-30 minutes. 

10) How long does it take for the application?

The application of eyelash extensions usually takes up to one to three hours depending on the intensity of lashes needed.

Now that we have covered the aftercare tips for eyelash extensions, in case you are someone who is looking for an eye transformation.
Bubblegum Beauty Lounge will be the right choice for all your eye transformation needs as, it is the best salon for eye extension in Dubai, UAE.

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