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How to clean makeup brushes?

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Ever wondered about how you evolved into your current beauty routine? Most of us have just arrived randomly into our routine. A beauty routine means a collection of regularly used beauty tools. The most hardworking member in your beauty tool kit is obviously your makeup brush and you must know how to maintain it in a flawless fashion. So, how best to clean your makeup brushes? is a million-dollar question for anyone trying to maintain their best looks. Being a premium beauty service provider in Dubai it is our duty to answer this.

The answer to this question can be answered only by answering several other pivotal questions related to this. If you want to really know how often you need to suds up your makeup brush you need to ask yourselves these questions. We at bubblegum beauty lounge in Dubai are ready to clear all your doubts.

What to use for cleaning your makeup brushes?

The best material is cleansers made specifically for cleaning brushes. They are formulated to

gently dissolve powders, liquids and wax-based makeup. If you don’t want to spend extra money your favourite face wash may be all you need. A gentle soap that cleans, disinfects, and leaves your makeup brush dry in one to two minutes flat is also a good solution.

What is the perfect method to clean makeup brushes?

Rinse those bristles with lukewarm water before applying a cleanser of choice into the palm of your clean hand. After massaging the tip and washing thoroughly, make sure to squeeze out the 

excess moisture with a clean towel. Let the brush dry with its bristles hanging off a counter’s edge, allowing it to dry in the correct shape.

How often should you clean makeup brushes?

Regular makeup brushes have to be cleaned at least once a week ideally. Brushes can become filled with skin cells leading to bacterial growth. If you scarcely use your makeup brush then make sure to clean them at least once in two weeks, to prevent dust accumulation. 


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