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How to Care for Your Nails After a Manicure and a Pedicure

Manicure Pedicure Treatment in Dubai

According to statistics from beauty industry experts, the average woman spends approximately $500 per year on her nails. But what many don’t understand is the fact that post-manicure/pedicure care is also vital to maintain flawless nails.  Since nail care and nail art have become popular on social media, it has grasped the attention of the masses and they’ve taken an interest in adapting it to their beauty routine. Giving yourself a nice manicure without knowing some key aftercare techniques can ruin your entire image. Or even worse, put your health at risk. The aggravating things that occur after a pedicure/manicure are a chipped nail or a botched manicure. Fortunately, there are a few effective methods for keeping your nails looking good for longer. We have a secret—or eight. Here are our nail polish tips for making a manicure last. Here are some post-manicure/pedicure mistakes that are often overlooked.

Cuticles should be moisturized

Dry, peeling cuticles can be unsightly and painful, especially if they become hangnails. Keep your cuticles moisturized with a good cuticle cream or oil, especially during the dry winter months. Bubblegum, the best nail salon in Dubai, has recommendations for the best cuticle oils and creams.

Guide Your Length with the Shortest Nail

Are you unsure how short to cut your nails? As a guide, use your shortest nail. After you’ve clipped each finger, line it up with its opposite, cuticle-to-cuticle, to make sure everything is even.

Remember to use disinfectant to clean tools before and after each use to cut your cuticles.

If you love the look of nipped cuticles, the best thing to do is use a rosewood stick and push them back. This will protect your fingernails from getting an infection while still achieving the aesthetic look you desire. Trust Bubblegum to provide you with the best manicure-pedicure services in Dubai.

Do not use a base coat.

A lot of people believe that a base coat is unnecessary and a waste of time so they skip this step when doing your manicure. However, base coats were created to bind with your natural nails and make your manicure lasts up to one week longer. This happens because our nails produce natural oils which prevent nail polish from binding well with a nail. A base coat keeps the oils out and keeps the manicure or gel polish from chipping. Applying thick coats of polish, the like a very pigmented and streak-free look on her nails that can be completed quickly. And that automatically makes us apply thicker coats of nail polish. Even though this may seem the best way to go. Consult our experts for getting classic manicure & pedicure treatments.

Avoid Q tips and use makeup brushes to clean.

When nail polish gets onto the skin around the nails, you just get a Q tip and start wiping. Sadly, it only takes the slightest motion to bring chaos to the whole look. And we have to start over from the beginning. Those cotton fuzzies no matter how many millimeters they are away from nail polish have a tendency to stick to a manicure and ruin the whole look. Instead of using Q tips use a very thin makeup brush to clean the area.

Avoid filing back and forth.

We’ve seen both professionals and amateurs filing their nails back and forth to get a smooth surface or base for their maker. But this actually damages your nails and spoils your whole manicure. Filing back and forth causes micro-cracks to appear, which makes the application of nail polish look brittle and uneven. It also weakens the nails, causing them to break more easily. Filing should be done in circular motions or just in one direction. This will prevent your nails from weakening and help you avoid spending money on treatments to help them recover later.

Don’t forget to apply Polish under the edges.

Applying nail polish around and under the edges of your nail will prevent your manicure from flicking during various activities that include water, especially doing the dishes and washing your hair. When we do these activities. Water gets trapped between the nail and the nail polish causing it to lift and Chip around the top edges. Applying nail polish under the edge of each nail will seal that area completely and help your manicure last up to five days longer.

Have you ever tried any of these tips? Please share your experience in the comments below so that everyone can learn.

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