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Cracked Lips Remedies

How to Avoid and Treat Dry/Cracked Lips

Cracked Lips Remedies

Dry, cracked lips are a confidence killer that affects us all. There are really smart ways to have soft, supple lips all year. The first step to identifying cures and solutions is to identify the underlying causes. Lips unlike other skin parts in the body, do not have oil glands. Oil glands prevent the skin from getting dry and cracked. The lack of moisture thus causes lips to go dry and chapped. The keratin which builds up the topper layer of your lips loses its flexibility making your lips sore, cracked, and scaly. Being a major beauty lounge in Dubai we have formulated several smart ways to prevent dry and cracked lips.

Regular use of ideal and safe products to protect lips.

The ideal lipstick or lip balm will be different for each individual. Bubblegum being a provider of premium beauty services in Dubai, can help you identify the perfect product. Something that causes discomfort or irritation to your lips should be strictly avoided. An ideal lip-enhancing product will be comfortable for your lips and will not bother you at all.

Avoid some specific products if your lips are chapped and dry.

Ingredients such as Camphor, Eucalyptus, Flavouring, and Menthol should be avoided while your lips are dry and cracked. Take special care to discontinue the use of lip products that contain any of these elements. Consulting experts from a premium beauty salon in Dubai would be good to choose better lip products.

Be hydrated always.

As mentioned earlier your lip skin does not have oil glands and hence, they are always thirsty. Staying hydrated is the key to avoiding dry lips.  Drink plenty of water at intermittent intervals on a regular basis. This is not only good for your lips but keeps your overall health sparkling.  

Stop smoking

Tobacco is a well-known killer but at the same time, it’s also a beauty wrecker. Smoke can desensitize the skin around the lips and tend to dry out the lips. Smoking can also lead to mouth ulcers and gum pain. Stop smoking, and witness your lip skin heal magically.

Avoid habits like lip biting or picking.

It’s instinctive to lick your lips and pick dry skin when it’s dry. But to enhance lip health you should consciously avoid such habits. Infections caused by broken-down skin on the lips can cause swelling, pain, and discharge. It can also lead to outbreaks of cold sores owing to the increased susceptibility of broken lip skin to infection. In extreme cases it causes a condition termed lichenification. Patchy red skin develops over the lips.

If needed take supplements.

Some medications, like gamma linoleic acid and primrose oil, improve the quality of the skin on the lips. It enhances the beauty of the lips and keeps the dry skin away.

Consult a dermatologist in extreme cases.

However, if all the above remedies don’t work and your lips are worsening be sure to visit a dermatologist. Treat your lips with gentle exfoliation to ensure the removal of any dry, flaky skin from the surface, and regularly moisturize with a good quality moisturizer and lip balm.

If you suffer from chapped lips on a regular basis, it is advisable to visit Bubblegum to have a permanent solution to maintain healthy lips. People who have tried multiple remedies for chapped lips without success should speak with their healthcare provider about possible underlying causes and treatment options.

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