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French Nails – The Style Everyone Loves

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French Manicure is considered to be the most commonly demanded manicure technique in nail art salons of Dubai.
Women prefer it because of its simplicity, uniqueness and elegant appearance.
French nails were first created in 1975 in the United States for Hollywood which later on gained popularity amongst women all over the world.

What are French Nails and who invented them?
French Nails are usually pale pink or nude nails with a solid white tip. It is mainly done on natural nails but due to various adaptations, it is also now done on acrylic and gel nail options.
This type of nail design was invented by Jeff Pink as he was assigned a task by a Hollywood Director to design a nail polish that would suit all outfits that the actresses wore in a film so that they would save on time and product.  

Why are French Nails so popular?
– They match every style – Be it for a date night, wedding or Girls’ Day Out, they look good on every woman regardless of their age, status or occupation.

– It is universal as it suits everyone, every shape, length of the nail, every complexion and skin color.

– French nails will always give you the impression of a well-groomed hand as it is the neatest design of all.

What are the tips for maintaining French Nails?
Who wants those fabulous nails gone soon?
So, to keep them safe from any kind of damage, follow these tips mentioned:

– Apply a transparent nail coat to the manicured nails regularly to keep the shine on.
– Protect the nails from lotions, creams or any other materials that might damage them.

– Always wear gloves while washing utensils so that they will protect your nails from soap and water.

What are the different types of French Nails?
They would absolutely never go out of trend. However, there are various styles that are being developed out of French Nails.
So, let’s begin with the types of French Nails without any further delay!

– Timeless, classy and original, this style consists of nude color nail polish with a thin white strip at the tip.
It gives you a neat and crisp look that you could pair up with any outfit you prefer.

– Sparkly and shiny, this design is clearly for the party season.
This style consists of a glittery tip while the rest of the nail is painted with a nude or sheer pink shade.

– This style is for people who always crave something different and riveting as bright unique shades are used on the tips of the nails instead of subtle and soothing shades.

– Looking for something cute?
In that case, floral nails should be your pick as it is basically the tips of miniature flowers.

– Trendy and stylish, this design is all about shapes.
The most common one is by creating a V as the tip with vibrant solid colors or the regular ones depending on your pick.

– This style uses two different colors as the tip to give an artistic look.

– In this style, you can just flip the design.
Instead of painting your tip, use it to line your cuticles with solid colors.

– It is also known as faded French Nails.
This nail art style includes merging two colors to create an ombre effect. 

How to do French Nails at home?
* Before we begin, always make sure that your natural nails are clean and neat with no previous nail polish debris or other particles.

* Gently buff your nails and massage your cuticles with cuticle oil.

* Apply the base coat evenly.

* Paint the tip of your nail with a solid white nail polish using a thin brush to create the perfect line.

* Use a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to wipe out the imperfections or excess nail polish.

* Once the nail paint is dry, apply the top coat for the final perfect look of shine.

French nail services in Dubai never go out of trend because of their uniqueness and at Bubblegum Beauty Lounge we offer a variety of French manicure styles to best suit your personality and occasion.

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