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Can I Wash My Face After a Lash Lift?

eyelash extension dubai

Grooming lashes and making them appear beautiful is something that is preferred by many women these days. Beauty Lounges in Dubai have various methods to make this desire come true.
The most famous service when it comes to eyelash care is that of eyelash extension and eyelash lift.
Before we begin, let’s understand the difference between Eyelash Extension and Eyelash Lift.

Eyelash Extension are semi-permanent fibers that are attached to the natural lashes using a semi-permanent glue whereas Eyelash Lift is the procedure in which natural lashes are curled and groomed in order for them to look fuller and longer.

Once you have got the beautiful-looking lashes, it is for sure that you will want them to last longer. Here is when the aftercare is important.
Taking extra care of your lashes will only help it last longer.
Follow these simple aftercare tips to ensure that your lash lift lasts for a longer period of time.

– Do not rub or wash your lashes within the first 24 hours after the lash lift as it takes two days to properly set.
During this time it is extremely important for you to protect your lashes from any moisture and makeup.

– Do not use a face steamer as heat weakens the effect of the lift.

– Do not apply any eye makeup or eyecare that contains oil as it acts against that solution that creates long-lasting curls.

– Do not sleep on your stomach as it can cause premature shedding of your natural lashes because of the increased friction from turning and also due to excess warmth.

– Do not use abrasive materials to clean your lashes as it can lead to premature damage and shedding of your natural lashes.

– Do not use a lash curler as it can sabotage your lash lift.
So, keep your hands off your lashes once the procedure has been done.
What are the repercussions if you do not care for your lashes after the lash lift?
The most commonly reported issue when proper aftercare of the lashes is not done after the lash lift is that of shedding of the natural lashes.
In addition to it, there could be some serious consequences mentioned below:

* Irritated Eyes
* Red eyes
* Inflamed eyelids
* Damage to the natural lashes
* Bacterial Eye infections

Now that we have understood the concept behind lash lift, let us
answer some commonly asked questions on Lash Lift and its aftercare.

What are the quick lash lift aftercare tips?
– Take special care during the first 24 hours after the lash lift.
– Do not use a waterproof mascara
– Do not use an eyelash curler
– Groom your lashes daily
– Be extra gentle with your lashes
– Avoid extreme heat such as steam and hot showers
– Skip eye products that contain oil

What are the steps that should be taken before an eyelash lift?
– Always choose a certified and experienced lash lift expert from a reputable salon. This way you can be safe as it is all about your eyes.

– Keep your lashes healthy by applying nourishing oil such as castor oil to keep your lashes on point. It can work wonders to repair and strengthen your lashes just before the lash lift appointment you had scheduled.

– Skip makeup and a lash curler for a week as this way your lashes shall stay untouched and prepared for the lash lift procedure.

– Do not wear contact lenses or eye makeup during the lash lift process as this can cause complications during the procedure.

Will the procedure hurt?
– A lash lift is an extremely painless procedure.

How long does it take for an eyelash lift?
– An eyelash lift takes about an hour for the complete process to be done successfully.

Will lash lift damage the natural lashes?
– No, If the products are used correctly by a certified and expert eyelash lift tech, there are absolutely no chances for damage to your natural lashes.

Can I use Mascara after the lash lift?
– Yes, you can absolutely use a Mascara. However, stay away from waterproof mascaras as they can weaken the effect of the lash lift too soon leading to premature shedding of your lashes.

How long do they last?
– An eyelash lift can last 6-8 weeks on average depending on how well you look after them.

If it’s about beautifying your eyes, always visit a certified and renowned lash lift expert at a reputable Salon like Bubblegum Beauty Lounge located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
So now that you know about the pre and post-care tips for an eyelash lift, Go ahead and get that procedure done like a Pro!

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