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Best Tips for Applying Makeup to Dry Skin

It is not the same for everyone to master a great makeup look. Dry skin can wreak havoc on the appearance of your makeup. Getting that smooth and even complexion during the winter can be difficult, especially if you have dry skin that is also peeling or flaking. No matter how much you moisturize, it may appear that your makeup adheres to and emphasizes dry patches on your skin. What works for one person may not work for another, particularly when it comes to product selection and application techniques. This is especially important if you have dry skin. You can, however, expertly apply makeup to a dry complexion by following a few simple tips and using the best makeup for dry skin. Continue reading for tips on how to create your next makeup look if you have dry skin.

Wash makes it fresh

Always wash your face before applying makeup, regardless of your skin type. This will provide you with the perfect canvas for your makeup by leaving your skin fresh and ready for whatever you put on it. It will also remove any leftover makeup or products you may have used. This will keep breakouts and clogged pores at bay.

Moisturizer is a Must

Moisturizing should be part of your daily skincare routine, but it is especially important when applying makeup. It aids in the creation of a smooth, hydrated base for makeup application. Use a dry skin moisturizer that is extra hydrating. Apply enough moisturizer to the skin so that it absorbs it, but not so much that the skin feels greasy.

Exfoliation can do Wonders

Exfoliating is one of the most effective ways to get rid of flaky skin. It also aids in product absorption, which may be hindered by flakes and dead surface skin cells that obstruct penetration. Exfoliating dry skin requires the use of a gentle chemical exfoliant rather than harsh physical exfoliants such as scrubs.

Breakup with your foundation

Choose a lighter formula like a tinted moisturizer to cover any dry patches rather than piling on a thick layer of full-coverage foundation. For more coverage, try spot-correcting those areas with concealer if they are extremely dry. Visit Bubblegum, the best beauty salon in Dubai, to get the correct lighter formula suggested.

Befriend a Makeup Sponge

Brushes are great for targeted application and applying products like blush and eyeshadow, but when you have dry skin, apply foundation with a damp makeup sponge. Our professionals provide premium beauty services in Dubai, and consulting them will help you to choose the ideal makeup sponge.

Say no to Glow Products

Always look for hydrating cosmetics, but be wary of formulas that claim to enhance radiance. Make certain that the promised glow is not due to shimmer or glitter in formulas, as these can add texture to flaking or peeling skin. Instead, look for formulas that are simple and increase hydration to provide a natural-looking glow.

Pick a lip color that is hydrating.

Your lips might also appear and feel dry. It’s not just your face that can be this way. Drying lipsticks should be avoided because they will only highlight texture and exacerbate dryness and discomfort. Grab a moisturizing lipstick instead. Follow us and visit us for getting the best makeup tips.

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