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A unique manicure is an excellent way to add a little something additional to your outfit and also same time to be on-trend. There are lots of options for getting influenced by prominent nail styles, At the same time, maintaining beautiful nail hygiene is absolutely necessary. bubblegum beauty lounge is a ladies salon in Dubai for provides luxurious facials, hair treatments, nail treatments, and more.

Nude Nail

It is extremely versatile and always brings natural and pure beauty. It is simple to combine with outfits, and the neutral and cream colors create a fresh and natural feeling.

Pick a Perfect nail color that compliments your skin tone. If the nail polish color is too light, the hands will appear dull. It is best to choose a nail polish that matches or is 1-2 tones darker than your skin tone. Because a darker one will make your hands appear brighter.

Minimalist Nails

Minimalist nail art is the way to go if you like a simple manicure but want to experiment with design. Minimal can refer to monochrome colors, abstract designs, negative space, geometric lines, or pretty much anything else.

Minimalist nails are to appear stylish and stunning without the use of fine details or unneeded bright colors. French tips are an excellent (popular) example of minimalist nails because they require only clear nail polish and a tiny bit of color on the tips of your fingers.

Matte Polish Nail

Matte polish has no glow to it. Matte nail polishes dry extremely smooth and flat. Matte nail polish is a relatively new addition to the manicures market. Beauty experts regard it as fashionable and professional.

For those who wish to check out the matte trend, semi-matte nail paint is a wonderful option. It has a small sheen to it, but it lasts longer on the nails than a full matte varnish.

Bubblegum is the largest ladies salon in Dubai. We offer a wide range of services from waxing to nail polish art!

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Rhinestone Nail

This manicure will have you looking and feeling ready for just about any major parties and social. They’re just too hard to ignore when you have those gleaming gems, such as rhinestones, on your nails. A precision diamond cutting machine creates rhinestones out of translucent K9 glass. The gemstones may be set rapidly by using one of the best nail glues.

Pastel Nail

Pastel colors can be worn in a variety of modern and appealing ways it is just a matter of finding the right shade to complement both fair and dark skin tones, pale pink, mint green, dusty blue, soft lavender, and muted yellow are lovely and creamy that work well together and will always be a classic.

Metallic Nail

Metallic nails and stylized tips are very trendy right now. Metallic nails are gleaming and sleek, much like metal, from vibrant jewel tones to classic metals, this long-lasting polish gives a captivating metal look. With 14 metallic colours that shine brightly with a dramatic finish, you can rock the hottest nail trend.

 We provide a wide range of services for any event with the most innovative nail design in Dubai.

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Bubblegum Beauty lounge is the leading ladies salon in Dubai with an abundance of specialized knowledge staffs and many years of experience. We offer you the best hair, nail styling in dubai and eyelash extension in Dubai. We are friendly and passionate team of beauty stylists who take time to make our customers satisfied.

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