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Hair Trends 2022

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Do you want to try 2022 with a new hairstyle? Our stylists at Bubblegum Beauty Lounge can help you with a haircut, color, or curls.

Jaw-length bobs

The bob will still be a masterpiece, but in the coming year, we’ll see a lot of creative twists on it. The bob will be big in 2022, whether it’s jaw-length with a fringe or chin-length with a middle part — and the shorter better! The Bixie cut, a blend of a bob and a pixie is another similar hairstyle that is popular this year.

Layers with Texture

If you want to grow your hair out but don’t want it to be too heavy, textured layers are the best option for you. This cut is fantastic because it adds volume and body to your hair without removing length or adding excessive weight to the ends.

Wispy Bangs

Bangs will return in 2022, but not in the way you may expect. Wispy bangs are becoming more popular because they add softness and gentleness to any hairstyle. This style is perfect for those who want to try out bangs but aren’t quite ready to commit to a full fringe Texture-added layers.

Curly Haircut

Everyone adores bouncy natural hair, but short curly hair with layers is also a beautiful option. You don’t have to second-guess yourself when it comes to having fun with your naturally curly hair. With a hairstyle like this, you can embrace your curls and showcase your natural style. The tight curls look wonderful and stay in place flawlessly.


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For the best hair styling service in Dubai, come to Bubblegum beauty lounge.  We offer you the best hair, nail styling and eyelash extension in Dubai. We are a friendly and passionate team of beauty stylists who take the time to make our customers satisfied.

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