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Benefits of an Olive Oil Massage

Benefits of an Olive Oil Massage

Benefits of an Olive Oil Massage

Olive oil is something which is easily found in the kitchen and is commonly used for cooking purposes.
Apart from its culinary value, it has been proven that olive oil is also good for your skin and hair by various health enthusiasts.

So let’s dig into the benefits of Olive Oil Massage!

An olive oil massage helps in alleviating sore muscles and fatigued joints.
The anti-inflammatory compound present in the oil helps in relaxing the problem of arthritis and protects the skin against infection.

Moreover, listed below are the detailed benefits of Olive Oil Massage:

1) Reduces stretch marks – Stretch mark is considered to be a common problem found amongst women as their skin is comparatively sensitive and delicate to that of men. It is also a major concern of pregnant ladies due to excessive increase and decrease in weight.
Massaging warm olive oil on the affected areas is an effective method to reduce those stubborn marks. The oil has to be massaged until it gets completely absorbed into the pores. By doing so, it helps in the proper blood circulation making the skin moisturized and hydrated which in result makes the skin soft and supple.

2) Slows down the process of skin aging – Olive oil improves collagen and elastin in the skin due to which it is the best source to reverse the process of aging. Being loaded with fatty acids, Vitamin E and A, it helps in maintaining the skin’s overall health and elasticity thereby preventing premature skin sagging. Moreover, olive oil reduces wrinkles and lines on the forehead, outer corner of the eyes and on the side of the lips.

3) Reduces Dandruff – A good warm oil massage not only helps in relaxing the mind but also treats dandruff and flaky skin on the scalp. Being a great source of Vitamin E, it plays a major role in eliminating itchiness and irritation as it moisturizes the scalp thoroughly.
Apply warm olive oil on the scalp and massage it for 15 mins; let it sit for an hour and wash it off with mild shampoo to experience the difference.

4) Reduces  Cellulite – Lot of women restrict themselves from wearing short skirts and other fashionable outfits that they love in the fear of the uneven and bumpy surface on their upper thighs.
Hence, this is where olive oil comes to the rescue.
Getting regular massages with olive oil will drastically help you in controlling the cellulite eventually, you could wear the dress of your choice.

5) Helps in reducing stress levels – Stress comes naturally to everyone these days due to the hectic and busy lifestyle that we have.
Stress has been found to be the key cause of heart attacks, stomach aches and other deadly diseases.
The best affordable and effective option to reduce stress level  is to have a good body and head massage with olive oil as it helps improve blood circulation, calms nerves and boosts energy levels.

6) Improves your sleep time – Excessive use of electronic gadgets and stress at the workplace play a significant role in disrupting your sleep pattern.
However, a good olive oil massage will help you relax and get over the tiredness.
It majorly helps in reducing sore muscles and calms the nerves leaving you with a soothing state of mind which in return will help you sleep better.

Answering some commonly asked questions

* Can Virgin olive oil be used for skin and body massage?

Yes for sure. It is the most premium quality olive oil and can be used for both body and skin massage.

* What is the best way to apply olive oil?

The best way to use olive oil is to warm it up first as it helps in soothing nerves and sore muscles which promotes overall wellness.

* What are the health benefits of a good olive oil massage?

1) Helps in weight loss
2) Helps in promoting heart health
3) Maintains metabolism
4) Helps in reducing cholesterol levels
5) Reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

* Can olive oil be used for Hair treatment?

Yes, its benefits for the quality of hair are countless.
Olive oil helps in eliminating dandruff by promoting moisture in the scalp.
It enhances the hair growth and improves the overall texture of hair.

Thus to conclude, whenever you feel stressed, go for a quick hair and body massage with Olive oil.
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