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Bubblegum Beauty Lounge is the UAE’s leading grooming destination, delivering the most inventive and simply the best henna salon in Dubai. We are a friendly and passionate team of beauty stylists in Dubai, who take the time to understand what you want, and help you create a look you love. At Bubblegum beauty lounge we pride ourselves on the quality of our services which is why all of our staff are fully qualified with an abundance of specialized knowledge and many years of experience.

We are a premium best hair salon in Dubai, offers you the best hair, nail styling in Dubai and eyelash extension in Dubai. In addition to industry qualifications, we offer regular training to our staff so that we can deliver the best and latest beauty services in Dubai and professional treatments to our clients according to their requirements.

Join us on a journey through our endeavour to create an instant sense of well-being and balance. We understand that lifestyle and individuality are unique and crafting beauty solutions is deeply related to these factors. As a reputed beauty lounge in Dubai with a wealth of specialized knowledge, and years of experience we consider it our responsibility to share these facts, tips and stories with you. With the expertise of our hair stylists and coloring professionals, we have grown into the Best Haircut Salon in Dubai. In this section, we share the experience of these amazing people whose commitment to their craft makes Bubblegum such a remarkable place.

Hair Waxing Salon in Dubai

Is Hair Waxing Painful?

As we begin with the concept behind waxing, let’s first understand what waxing is.Waxing is the removal of the entire shaft of hair from below the...

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Lip Whitening Treatment

Remedies To Lighten Dark Lips

Dark lips are a major concern these days due to the various lifestyle challenges such as lack of hydration, cigarette smoking, and excessive exposure by sun....

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Should you cut your own hair at home? Read this first!

How to Identify Your Skin Type

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Premium beauty service in dubai

Don’t try to cut your hair at home. You’re not a skilled expert, so you’re about to screw up your hair. You should make an appointment with the nearest hair salon

Normal, dry, oily, and mixed skin are the four basic types of healthy skin. Genetics determines one’s skin type. Our skin’s condition, might vary dramatically depending on…..


Hair Trend 2022

Why You Deserve a Manicure and a Pedicure?

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Do you want to try 2022 with a new hairstyle? Our stylists at Bubblegum Beauty Lounge can help you with a haircut, color, or curls.

Painting and clipping your nails at home can be a real satisfaction, but it can sometimes become very annoying work. A manicure/pedicure is not as costly as you would accept…….


Manicure Trends!

How to Take Better Care of Your Nails

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A unique manicure is an excellent way to add a little something additional to your outfit and also same time to be on-trend. There are lots of options for getting influenced by prominent nail styles..

Maintaining clean, healthy-looking nails is essential for maintaining good hygiene.  Fingernails that are in good health are flat, without pits or ridges, uniform in color and consistency….

All about Beauty Salon

Which are the most trending women's hairstyles of 2022?

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The salon is a premier destination for the world’s best hairstyles, skincare, and salon services. At Salon we know that beauty begins with you, which is why our mission is to help…

Bixie happened when pixie style had a date with the iconic bob style. Lending a bit of texture and multi-dimensionality to the good old shaggy bob gives you the 2022 trending Bixie.