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Moroccan Bath in Dubai

Aspects of Moroccan Bath Treatment You Must Know

Moroccan Bath in Dubai

Moroccan Bath is considered to be one of the most relaxing treatments that you could give to your body. It is also UAE’s “the most preferred body treatment by Ladies due to which various Ladies Beauty salon in Dubai have kickstarted with the introduction of Moroccan Bath Treatment within the Salons.

It is a process that includes lathering, steaming and scrubbing of body in a private room wherein a practitioner will use an authentic Moroccan scrub and gel to lather the body, followed by a relaxing process of sitting in a steam filled room to open up your pores as well as to give you a calm and soothing environment to calm your mind.
A typical Moroccan bath includes gel or soap that is black in colour specially made for the bathing purpose, a scrub or a loofah to remove dead cells and a body masque.

Top most benefit
It is primarily done to clean and soften the skin.
Additionally it also helps in blood circulation, reduction of cellulite  and also helps in relaxing body and mind.

Dressing for Moroccan Bath
While opting for a Moroccan Bath Treatment, the commonly asked question amongst women is “What do I wear for the bath ?”.
Well it is nothing complicated, as it is completely based on your comfort. Generally, women wear bikini, swimsuit or underwear along with a Turkish towel.

Why is Moroccan Bath famous in the Middle East?
It is considered to be widely popular in the Middle Eastern Region as the tradition has its history back to the times in Morocco where it was considered as a sacred ritual of cleansing one’s body to get rid of any negativities.
The bath results in softening and whitening of the skin while improving its overall texture.

Why is Moroccan Bath special?
It is way different to the regular steam bath known as Sauna which is based on dry heat as well as from the Turkish bath which is a purely steam based. The Moroccan Hammam heats with coil system.
It was inspired from the Roman baths and aims to make the skin supple and the pores to be opened to remove the impurities using a hammam scrub.

Steps to enjoy the benefits of Moroccan Bath

  • Time for a rejuvenating steam – Stay in the steamed room for a minimum of 30 minutes or a maximum of 1 hour.
  • Lie on the floor or on the benches
  • Soap Up – During this time is when the natural Moroccan black soap or gel will be used on your body to exfoliate it.
  • Relax for another 15 mins after which the scrub will be rinsed off from the body by the practitioner using the Kessa glove used for exfoliation purposes.
  • After a thorough rinse, Moroccan clay is used on the body and hair which is an excellent washing product to make the skin soft and glowing
  • Last but not the least, a nourishing massage to conclude that is extremely relaxing and blissful followed by a Moroccan tea.

Benefits of Moroccan Bath Explained.

  • Helps in balancing the skin’s pH level as the process of exfoliation will help in removing dead skin cells and cell regeneration. It is always recommended for people with acne prone or problematic skin to visit the dermatologist for expert advice before going for a Moroccan Bath.
  • Deep Cleansing – The harsh climate in the UAE can negatively impact your skin, especially areas like face, neck and arms. This is when the Moroccan Bath comes to the rescue as the steaming process is the best way to unclog the pores to get rid of the stubborn impurities.
  • Improves blood circulation – The lathering and exfoliating process in a Moroccan Bath helps in the stimulation of blood flow through all parts of your body and skin.
  • Helps in Relaxation – It helps in soothing the tired nerves after a long busy week resulting in a refreshed and calm state of mind.
  • Prepares the skin for other beauty treatments – The top most benefit of a Moroccan Bath is that it prepares your body and skin for the upcoming beauty treatments such as waxing and facials as it opens up your pores to grab the true benefits of these treatments.

Hence, Moroccan Hammam is a fantastic way to improve skin elasticity and increase hydration resulting in a younger, tighter and flawless looking skin.

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